What is a Reverse Phone Lookup Directory?

Usually, when you are thinking about someone you haven't spoken to in awhile or need to contact an acquaintance who you don't have a phone number for, you of course find the phone book and find their last name. Nowadays, most people do not even take up room in their office or homes with the chunky paper phone books, but prefer to visit internet pages containing the same information and look it up much quicker.

Yet circumstances occur in in everyday life where they obtain a phone number and need to know who it is connected to. Phone books are designed around knowing the name of the person you want to contact, so won't help much. With cell phones being so widely used these days it gets even more difficult since there isn't a phone number phone book accessible to the public as with landlines. Obviously, technological advances have made another type of phone number directory necessary.

Reverse phone lookup functions just what the name suggests: it reverses the method in which you typically use a phone number listing. Instead of browsing for a name to get to a number or address, you look up a phone number to find the name or even address of whoever the number is registered to.

Most people do not even know this is possible, yet with the existance of reverse phone lookup directories it is now common by many businesses. It is also on the rise with people who get interested in a number for for various reasons. It is a more modern form of the phone book and may very well eliminate the demand for paper phone books in the future.

If you are bothered by a lot of disturbing calls, whether they be annoying hang ups, rude pranks, or even telemarketers or collection services who don't reveal who they are but call nonstop, there is a way to figure out exactly who is making the calls by tapping into one of these services.

You can check out whitepages.com and access a free reverse phone lookup website for the most basic information or for published landline numbers, but there are two sorts of information that cannot be found through any other resource other than a more detailed directory.

  1. * If you have a phone number but no more information and must find a corresponding name.
  2. * If you have someone's cell phone or an unpublished home phone number and need a name, address, or other information. Whitepages.com will not help with these sorts of information because it is not equipped with the information you want.

Reverse phone lookup directories spend quite a bit of time collecting information, ensuring it is as accurate as possible, and storing it all in an organized directory so that it may be quickly accessed by people whenever needed.

A good bit of this information retrieved is not that simple to obtain and some of it they have to pay for as well. For instance, a legitimate, accurate directory will have to pay cell phone companies for accurate listings of phone numbers. As with any business, it is to be expected that you will be required to pay a nominal charge to gain access to their information.

The deal about the charge is it should be low and reasonable, typically around a dollar or so for a single phone number search and about fifteen bucks for more long term subscription to the |listings|directory|service}. Any site asking for a high fee for very little information retrieved should be avoided.

There are too many good directories out there to waste time and money on incomplete services, so ensure they actually have the information you want before wasting your money.

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